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Today marks a new direction for the Office of the Comptroller. Dr. Darren M. Morton was sworn in and has vowed to put the best interests of the people first as he endeavors to unveil our city's true fiscal standing and develop a roadmap to Mount Vernon's fiscal solvency.


There is much work to do in the coming months. It will take all of us working together to resolve the issues we know of and are yet to be uncovered. We must be patient, not draw conclusion prematurely, and when necessary, ask questions of our Comptroller directly. Dr. Morton will not avoid the difficult truths as he strives to honestly and fairly lead the Finance Department with competence, efficiency and transparency.


We want to thank the special guests who so graciously participated in the Inaugural Program. We appreciate their declarations of support as our city opens a new chapter in its financial history. It was truly a blessing to to have so many join Dr. Morton on this special day. 


Now we must begin the hard work. Again, thank you and our blessings for a prosperious and productive New Year for Mount Vernon.

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